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claire Gapare, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

Claire is a second year Masters of Science in Public Health student with a bachelor of science honors degree in Neuroscience. Her passion is promote and facilitate universal health coverage in low and middle income countries, particularly, Sub-Saharan Africa. She hopes to shine light on global health issues through journalism, research and advocacy, and to communicate global health issues in ways that get the right stakeholders invested.




patrick bidulka

Patrick is a recent graduate from the undergraduate pharmacology program at McGill University. He worked at McGill Global Health Programs for 5 months, where he was initiated into the professional global health arena. Patrick hopes to make significant impacts in the field of global health in the near future.



Madlen nash 

Madlen is an honours microbiology & immunology student. Her global health interests are infectious disease prevention and diagnosis in high-burden, low-resource settings and improving access to essential medicines and diagnostics. She is passionate about health and social justice.

Matt Malone

Matt is a 3L law student. He holds a B.A. from the University of Toronto and an M.A. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He also acts as Strategic Planning and Solicitations Editor for the McGill Journal of Law and Health. He is interested in fertility law and intellectual property law.