General Guidelines

Submissions should be focused on the mission of Perspectives.

Contributors are responsible for the factual accuracy of their posts. Include references where appropriate.

Submissions must be the original work of the author submitting the blog post.

All blog post content must be truthful and respectful of the global community. Contributors are strongly encouraged to include relevant photos along with their blog post. Please be mindful of the pictures included.

Photo guidelines

Sometimes the most compelling way to tell a story is through photography. We encourage submissions of all types of photography from your global health related experiences be it here at home, in the nation, or abroad.  To stay true to what you saw and captured at the time, we ask that you avoid excessive editing. Submissions must be an original work taken by the individual submitting the photo.

Perspectives supports ethical photography, meaning the welfare of the subject(s) in question (people, animals, environments, etc) take precedence over their photography. Do not harm, bribe, or manipulate the subject or its environments for the sake of creating an image.

Photographers’ decisions about the depiction of their subjects can completely alter viewers’ perceptions. An ethically shared photograph is one that accurately portrays a situation without stigmatizing the subjects. The photograph is taken with the subjects’ consent, and shared in a way that the subjects approve. 

Written informed consent is mandatory in the following situations:

  • A subject's face is visible.
  • A person's (or a group of people's) medical or personal information is revealed in the photo (e.g. HIV status).

Submission Process

To submit a post, please send an email to including your submission in Microsoft Word format, any photos in JPEG format, a short one to two sentence biography about yourself, and a headshot.

If you are submitting a photo essay, please include a brief paragraph detailing the context of your work, a minimum of six photos each with a descriptive caption, a short one to two sentence biography about yourself, and a headshot.

We will review your submission and return a response in one to two weeks.

If your submission is accepted for publication, we may edit it for minor grammatical errors and clarity. We will not rewrite your submission.

Acceptance for publication will be done at the discretion of the Perspectives Editors. We reserve the right to decline publishing any post or to remove any post after it has been published.

We will not reuse or publish your content outside the Blog without contacting you and requesting your permission.