Working at the Myungsung Christian Medical Center in Ethiopia

Angela Lee

My project was a practicum and a research project at Myungsung Christian Medical Center (MCM). MCM is a private, non-profit hospital, where I was under the supervision of a pediatric surgeon. I took part in both the clinics and the surgeries within the hospital, and I also participated in community outreach programs by MCM, such as the free of charge mobile clinics in rural communities. The research project was a retrospective study to calculate the backlog of defined pediatric surgeries at MCM, in order illustrate the gross lack of surgical accessibility in low and middle income countries in Africa.

Angela Lee was awarded the Medical Class of ’84 Student Bursary in Spring 2016. She is currently a 3rd year medical student who believes everyone has the right of access to quality health care. Angela chose to travel abroad because she wanted a better understanding of the social and medical struggles that both the people and the medical staff face in low resource settings.